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Services > Resharpening

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Services: Resharpening

Kyocera Tycom was founded on the commitment to deliver the lowest cost solutions to our customers. We deliver on that commitment by achieving the longest tool life in the industry. Kyocera Tycom was the first drill manufacturer to commit to resharpening as part of its core business. And since 1990, we have been the largest resharpener of PCB drills in the world. More than 70% of all tools used by our customers are resharpened tools.

Kyocera Tycom has developed innovations that have significantly improved the life of our resharpened tools (Kyocera Tycom pointing machines (TPM), Kyocera Tycom automated sharp point system (VISIONARE), and efficient ringsetting systems (Rodica Jr.). U.S. Patents have been awarded for Rodica Jr. and for VISIONARE.

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