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2017 Summer / Fall

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Special offers for
milling, turning, drilling, and solid round solutions

Milling Solutions

Milling Solutions

FREE Holder with Purchase of 10 or 20 Inserts per PocketMix and match cutters, grades, and chipbreakers for the MFH-RAPTOR, MFH-Mini, and MFH-Micro high feed mills and our M-FOUR (MEW) and M-SIX (MFWN) end mills and face mills. Use our tough PR1535 or CA6535 insert grades for difficult-to-cut material or our new PDL025 grade for aluminum machining!

Download the Milling Promo PDF below for complete details.

Download Milling Promo PDF

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The MFH-RAPTOR high feed mills are quickly moving through North America as the first choice for high feed milling applications.


MFH-RAPTOR Mini and Micro are the newest addition to the MFH high feed milling family with a wide range of smaller diameters.

MFH-Mini/Micro >>

The M-FOUR double-sided, 4-edge insert milling cutters with Kyocera's unique mold technology reduces cutting forces for reduced vibration.


The M-SIX double-sided, 6-edge insert milling cutters maintain a tough cutting edge with great stability due to its wide insert design.


Turning Solutions

Turning Solutions

Discounted Kits Featuring Double-Clamp Holder & Carbide, Ceramic, & CBN InsertsTurning kits include new WE/WF negative wiper inserts, multi-edge CBN inserts for hard turning,
and positive-style turning kits for steel, stainless, and non-ferrous.

FREE Bonus Inserts with Insert Purchases Buy 20 WE/WF wiper inserts and get 10 FREE. Buy 30 ceramic inserts and get 10 FREE.
Buy 3 multi-edge double-sided CBN inserts and get 1 FREE.

Download the Turning Promo PDF below for complete details.

Download Turning Promo PDF

WE / WF Wiper Inserts

New negative wiper inserts for steel turning with WE for finishing-medium and WF for finishing operations.

WE / WF Wiper >>
KXW1 / KS6040

Grade KXW1 whisker-reinforced ceramic for plunging and semi-finishing and grade KS6040 SiAlON ceramic for roughing of HRSA.

HRSA Grades >>
KBN05M Multi-Edge

KBN05M economical multi-edge double-sided CBN for hard turning used in various applications from continuous to interrupted machining.

KBN05M Grade >>
GBA Grooving

GBA grooving system with economical 3-edge inserts and GBA-MY molded chipbreaker to produce smooth chip evacuation.

GBA Grooving >>

Drilling Solutions

Drilling Solutions

Discounted Kits AvailableDrilling kits available for the DRA Magic Drill, DRZ Magic Drill, and HOLESHOT Drills.

FREE DRA Magic Drill Body with Designated Number of InsertsBuy 9 inserts and get 1x5D body free. Buy 10 inserts and get a 3xD body free. Buy 11 inserts and get a 5xD body free. Buy 12 inserts and get a 8xD body free. Chosen inserts must fit chosen drill body but do not need to be the same.

Download the Drilling Promo PDF below for complete details.

Download Drilling Promo PDF

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DRA Magic Drill

Introducing our new DRA Magic Drill with excellent hole accuracy and a low cutting force design. The optimal web thickness limits deflection.

DRA Magic Drill >>
DRZ Magic Drill

Stable and efficient drilling with our popular DRZ Magic Drill. Single insert in both pockets and four cutting edges per insert promotes cost savings and increased efficiency.

DRZ Magic Drill >>

The HOLESHOT Drill drastically improves productivity with a patented swept back design enabling drilling of stacked plates and welded assemblies.


Solid Round Tooling Solutions

Solid Round Drills

VULCAN Compression End Mills Buy 1, Get 1 50% OffCheck out our new VULCAN compression end mills for routing composite materials are now Buy 1, get 1 50% off of equal or lesser value. Mix and match among sizes!

Buy 1 HYDROS Drill and Get Matching Diameter ORION Drill 50% OffHYDROS coolant fed deep drills (10xD) with matching ORION high performance pilot drills (3xD)

Download the Solid Round Tool Promo PDF below for complete details.

Download Solid Round Tool Promo PDF

VULCAN End Mills

VULCAN compression end mills for routing composites eliminate separation of material layers during composite machining with clean cutting performance in profiling operations.

VULCAN End Mills >>
HYDROS Deep Drill

HYDROS coolant fed deep drills with excellent hole accuracy and a low cutting force design making these drills great for difficult-to-cut materials. Double margin design for smooth hole wall finish.

HYDROS Drills >>
ORION Pilot Drill

ORION high performance drills with 3xD capabilities are the perfect pilot drill match for the HYDROS drills. ORION drills have an optimized cutting edge for increased accuracy.

ORION Drills >>

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